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April 21, 2006

Reverse Multithreading CPUs

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'Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Tuesday April 18, @06:26PM
from the quick-geordi-reverse-the-polarity dept.

microbee writes "The register is reporting that AMD is researching a new CPU technology called 'reverse multithreading', which essentially does the opposite of hyperthreading in that it presents multiple cores to the OS as a single-core processor." From the article: "The technology is aimed at the next architecture after K8, according to a purported company mole cited by French-language site x86 Secret. It's well known that two CPUs – whether two separate processors or two cores on the same die – don't generate, clock for clock, double the performance of a single CPU. However, by making the CPU once again appear as a single logical processor, AMD is claimed to believe it may be able to double the single-chip performance with a two-core chip or provide quadruple the performance with a quad-core processor." '




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